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Coronavirus is viral but so is misinformation

AccuroLab helps you validate the accuracy of COVID-19 related information you receive against a list of trusted health organizations, and empowers you to do your part to stop the spread of false information.

  • Factcheck your information
  • Identify "false information"
  • Share only what is verified
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Not sure where to go for Coronavirus information?

AccuroLab helps you obtain useful and verified answers to your Coronavirus-related questions from trusted sources and public health organizations. Factchecked information is now within your reach: Access it and Share it !

  • Global Health Organizations
  • Regional Health Organizations
  • Local Health Autorities
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Want to receive the latest verified news on the Covid-19 pandemic?

The COVID-19 pandemic is a dynamic and fast changing situation. AccuroLab works hard to keep you informed on the latest verified coronavirus news, statistics, and resources in your country, your region or worldwide.

  • Updated Statistics
  • Updates on early Signs & Symptoms
  • Updates on Treatment & Prevention

Our Team


Marilyn Osei

Co-Founder, Product Designer & UX Strategist

Product Designer dedicated to designing human-centered experiences. Deep experience in finance and business strategy consulting, having worked in banking, investment management and strategy consulting.


Steve Tchuenté

Co-Founder, Project Business Strategist

Dual degree MBA/MAM Candidate at HEC Paris & Yale SOM. Strong experience in Technology Strategy Consulting for both public and private organizations in Europe, Africa, Asia & North America.


Tarik Fathallah

Co-Founder, Communication & Outreach

Graduate student & Social Innovation Fellow at the Colin Powell School for Civic and Global Leadership. Highly experienced in developing community-based organizations and leading social impact programs.


Paul Dakum

Chief Data Officer

Graduate student and entrepreneur with a background in mathematics. Significantly knowledgeable in the implementation of electronic health records systems in resource limited environments.


Sean Anggani

Chief Information Officer

Fullstack Software Engineer strongly versed in Agile methodologies, with a focus on impact-driven products and building scalable systems

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